What Causes Excessive Man Breasts & How To Get Rid Of It

One of the very common humiliating problem that some men face in their life is man breasts (man boobs). It is not easy to go out in public if you are one of those men, taking shirt out in public gets very embarrassing, for an example, when you are in beach. Some people might joke about it, but for the people who have it, it is not a laughing matter. There can be two reasons for man breasts, if those appear at a very early age, the hormonal imbalance (excessive estrogen) may be the reason for that, in this case those may go away normally. The other reason might be fat deposits which indicates that you are a lazy person. Obese men often develop these man breast and under such situations. You may keep wondering how to lose man boobs or how to get rid of it, so that you can avoid the strange looks of others towards you when you go out. Unless and until you try hard, it is not possible to it.

There are many ways to get rid of man breast in order to build a flatter chest. These ways include heavy exercising, which is considered one of the most effective ways for getting rid of man breasts. Other ways include surgery, which does not include any effort, you will simply undergo a breast reduction surgery in order to get rid of the fats that create the man breast. There are herbal supplements or pills that can be found on the market as well as good diet plans too other ways to get flatter chest. However, a good exercise routine and well balanced diet can help you in losing man breasts effectively and quickly. Adding turmeric, chromium picolinate and green tea in daily foods can help in reducing man breast.

Note that, there are various types of pills and medicines available in the market that claim that they can help you in losing your hanging man breast, but people normally avoid these because of the side effects that come along with those pills. Since it is a matter of fat deposits, the best method to get rid of these is with the help of proper exercise and diet. This obviously needs commitment and apart from helping in losing man breast, it also helps in reducing physical weight and complete body fat. Anyhow, some supplements on the market are ideal for fighting the fatty collection in your mammary glands and eliminating the fat. But one should be very careful in choosing them. You should choose a product that contains green tea extract, gugglusterone and thermo x-blend. These natural ingredients help in burning fat and also increase the metabolism of your body.


Exercises to Lose Hanging Man Breasts

Some people would like to know how to lose man boobs naturally, the best solution for these people is exercising. Nothing is more natural than exercising your body and doing Cardio in order to stay in shape and lose any extra fat, including man breast. We are going to discuss two of the most effective exercises that would do that. The first one is the exercises that target the pectoral muscles which makes a lot of sense. This is because the best way to reduce man boos is by exercising the muscles in the breast area. By working this muscle, you will add strength to these muscles and build them, which will result in the elimination of the fat that is located around them that creates the man boobs. The second exercise targets the chest muscles, it is called the cable crossovers. You can do that workout by using the pulley station. You stand right in front of the station after attaching the handles to the two sides of it and stretch your arms out at the level of your shoulder with one handle in each hand.

Few things that require to maintain a good balance of estrogen in body 

1. Consumption of alcohol in moderation : When you consume alcohol, it leads to limit function of liver. Blocking out unhealthy hormones like estrogen is one of the functions of liver and if you consume alcohol on regular basis, you will see the increase in the accumulation of estrogen in your body.

2. Have a good sleep : Getting a good amount of sleep is the easiest and best way of losing man boobs quickly. The reason is, if your body is properly rested, it increases the production of male hormone, which maintains a good level of male and female hormone inside your body.

3. East high fiber vegetables and fruits : Estrogen is commonly found in the intestine which blends with the acid bile in it. By consuming fibrous food, the acid bile will stay with the fiber and throughout the process of flushing, which takes most of the estrogen along with it. So, healthy diet is very important to lose man boobs.


What Causes Man Boobs

After discussing ways to loose man breast, it is important to talk about the reasons that cause it. There are numerous reasons that would cause these boobs but there are two main ones. One is medical and the other is concerned with the lifestyle. The first one is that sometimes, the male body would produce more estrogen than testosterone, this is a medical case that is called gynecomastia. The other reason is the kind of food we eat. For example, the hormones that are injected into the chicken by the farm owners can cause these man breasts. This is due to the fact that these chickens are injected with female hormones so they can get bigger and have more meat. The main reason is hormonal imbalance in men, particularly after puberty. Increase in the production of estrogen (female hormone) on testosterone (male hormone) causes man breasts. The other cause is the intake of drugs like marijuana, amphetamines, heroine etc.